Government Announces Outdoor 'Incidental' Gigs Allowed In Pubs.

The Government has announced that pubs may host outdoor gigs in their beer gardens as an addition to the new lockdown restrictions easing.

According to the Musicians Union and following a concerted campaign by the MU, the UK government has confirmed a change to its previously published Spring Roadmap for England – permitting pubs, which are potentially due to re-open on Monday 12 April for outdoor service only, to provide customers with complimentary incidental live music in beer gardens.

At this stage live music must be incidental to the customers’ visit to the pub. Pubs must not charge for admission or admit any audience specifically for the purpose of listening to the music. All customers must be seated and drinking or eating, and the music must be kept at a level low enough for customers and staff to converse easily without raised voices.

All live music must be undertaken in adherence with the Government’s guidance on Restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services.

For full information on the new guidelines and rules click here