Hope City Rockers To Slay The Mill House

There are rock bands and then there is Hope City Rockers. Honestly, they are everything you could expect from a full blown rock band and then some.

What’s this I hear, you don’t believe me? Well, get yourselves down to the Mill House on 14th March to see for yourselves. Joking aside, they are fresh, powerful and very energetic but with a great fun side. After contacting Suzy, the lead singer, I dove into their website to learn a little more about the band.

Suzy is the voice behind Hope City Rockers… and what a voice! If you’re worried a girl singing rock doesn’t work, then think again. She does it all, from 70s rock, the 80’s good times, 90’s to now – she’ll nail them all and then some… Does she ruin the “boys in the band” gang? Well she drinks more than us, swears more than us, and her jokes are far worse than ours. She fits in well!

Come and see us and judge for yourselves, but we think we’ve got one of the best rock singers in the north-east!

Favourite bands – how long have you got? Anything I can sing along to, but really liking Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Ozzy at the moment

Introducing Chris, our Guinness drinking, cool as a cucumber bass player who also rocks some cracking backing vocals without breaking a sweat. No seriously – the guy doesn’t sweat!! He’s an android – think Bishop from Alien – and like all bass players, he keepeth the groove but he don’t slappa de bass!

Introducing one half of the “six (occasionally seven) string twanger” duo – Razor. Pointy guitar – check, Throwing shapes – check, loud vocals – check, marbles – che….erm, lets just say he’s got more hair than those! This ‘excitable pup’ of an axe-slinger will have your head spinning from the first note until the last, with his bedazzling stage presence, flying fingers of fury and enough sweat to make up for the lucky ones who are physically incapable of it (Ty and Chris)! It’s amazing he hits all the right notes whilst he’s running circles around the band! He’s asked santa for a wireless system so beware in the back – he’ll be coming to say hello sometime soon!

Patrick is our drummer. Best we have. Only one on we have thank God. He’s our solid powerhouse at the back. Although once he gets going you’ll swear he’s right beside you, he’s loud! Most drummers cheat on their bands with another few bands…. not our Patrick. Warehouse bodybuilder by day, Hope City Rockers drummer by night.

He has the only drum kit we’ve seen with a built-in crisp bowl, although he’s now super fit and an MMA contender.

Favourite bands – Mastadon, Ramstein, any other death metal group you can think of.

We also have Ty. A bit of a man of mystery at the moment as we, the boffins at Shape Mag cannot find a word on him. I think he may have been MI5 or CIA, you’ll just have listen to him shred at the Mill House and make up your own minds.

These guys (and girl) are truly a great band to watch and listen to. As we said earlier, you can take in a gig with them at the Mill House, Hartlepool on 14th March 2020.

You can also follow them on Facebook or check out their website at: