ShapeMag Celebrating Christmas With New Friendships...

ShapeMag has been celebrating a fantastic month of developing local relationships amid the magazines booming readership. Following the difficulties encountered around the pandemic, ShapeMag was all but out of action until a revitalised Christmas edition and building relationships with two local businesses.

Early in the month, Shape joined up with First Choice Radio, a great local station operating around the North East. Even more exciting, FCR has just been upgraded to DAB. FCR can be found on our website front page as well as a regular feature in the monthly issues.

We are also celebrating our new featured charity, 'Stray Aid'. Being dog lovers and the owners of our own rescue dog, Jaffa, we are passionate about the welfare of our K9 buddies. So when Stray Aid open up a shop in Hartlepool, we jumped at the chance to introduce ourselves. A long story short, we are now working together to help give the many stray, abused and unwanted dogs the care, love and homes that they desperately need.

What a way to celebrate the Festive Season!