ShapeMag in Danger of Closing

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to report that ShapeMag is facing closure due to lack of support. ShapeMag was opened to support Hartlepool's Live Music Venue's, Bands and Artists but in spite of constant campaigns to encourage the live music community to take advantage of the free services, plea's have been mostly ignored.

Therefore the printed editions will now discontinue. The online edition will remain for the time being, however if this, again is not supported, we will be forced to cease the magazine all together.

I am hoping that the live music community will realise the potential of having a free platform to promote their talents and will get behind it once again to get it back on to the pub bars. But the truth is, I cannot afford to produce ShapeMag if it is not being supported.

Sorry for the bad news folks, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.