Spotlight On... Tinny Bennett

Tinny got his first guitar at the age of 2 but didn’t learn his first chords till about the age of 11 or 12. At the age of 16, he joined his first band and started gigging soon after. Over the years, Tinny played in bands as a lead guitarist and bass player, playing original material as well as covers around the North East in pubs and clubs. His passion was always to create his own music and decided to give vocals a try. In his early 20’s he set up his first band as the singer/songwriter. After many failed attempts at getting the right chemistry and commitment from musicians, Tinny went solo for a while, then decided to take a break for work and family commitments. It wasn’t long before he realized he couldn’t cut music from his life as this was such a big part of him, so decided to start writing again.

Tinny went solo but desperately wanted to work with a band, but again struggled finding the right musicians, until one day he was introduced to Nigel Spaven through a friend. After getting together, they instantly knew that they were musically in tune and very spiritually alike; they had the same ideas and passion towards music and soon got working on Tinny’s already penned songs as well as working on new material together.

The duo tried several drummers to build the band up to a trio but had several failed attempts but finally met Rob Huckins through a personal friend and the band have been going strong since.

The Tinny Bennett Band: Tinny Bennett (Vocals/Guitar), Nigel Spaven (Bass) and Rob Huckins (Drums/Percussion)

With their heartfelt lyrics and melodic structures, The Tinny Bennett Band have developed a distinct and eclectic sound that is utterly compelling. With their influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and Paul Simon to The Manic Street Preachers, this is a band not afraid to draw upon their inspirations to create a sound that is familiar yet completely their own.

The band may have started as a solo outfit for Tinny but, working together as a collective force, they have been able to collate together their individual influences to create a sound that is not only catchy and punchy but is mature, well-developed and uncompromising.

The band is currently writing a number of tracks with their next release due to be unleashed to the public very soon. Speaking about his love of music, frontman Tinny noted: “From the age of 2 I was given a guitar and I’ve never really put it down since. I didn’t come from a musical family but music has always been a big part of my life.”

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