The Neat Records Story - Steve Thompson

In 1977 I became house producer at Impulse Recording Studios in Wallsend. I helped set up and run Neat Records an independent record label. The first couple of releases (which I produced) were pop records. With Neat 03, the Tygers of Pan Tang, Neat became and remained a heavy metal label. And a movement began: The New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NOBHM). I’ve since been dubbed “The Godfather of The North East NWOBHM” and Neat records became the foremost independent record label of the NWOBHM. I produced just two more bands for the label before leaving: Raven and Venom. However the trio of bands I produced became arguably some of the most influential bands of the period particularly in the USA. In particular Metallica have cited those three bands as highly influential to them.

This is in depth presentation of my time at the coal face of heavy metal. I include audio and video as well as out-takes and unreleased tracks. I endeavour to paint a picture of what it was like to be there when these historic events happened. There are some interesting aspects to the story. Some are hilarious and some are outrageous. This is a rock and roll story so beware if you’re easily offended.