Welcome The Causeway

Situated in the heart of Hartlepool is one of the friendliest pubs around and as a newbie to the city, I endorse this completely. What a great bunch of locals and a friendly team behind the bar. But the big draw to me was their involvement in live music. Yes, there are regular weekend gigs with a variety of bands and artists and a weekly Open Mic session on Thursday evenings.

Another great feature of this fine little pub was the presence of Ringwood Ales. Being an old Hampshire boy, it was a wonderful reminder of home. Even better, on my last visit, I was treated to Ringwood's famous 'Old Thumper' which, believe it or not originated from a Causeway pub just outside of Ringwood called the Avon Causeway (Just a useless factoid for you). But beware, this beer has a bit of a punch at just over 5%. All the best bit rolled into one place.

Also being such a venue, it has now been adopted as Shape Mag's HQ. From March 2020, Shape Mag will always be on the bar (it will be in plenty other venues too).